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With schools back in session it is officially the end of my favorite season, summer.  This usually makes me sad, but this year I’m ready to “bundle” up. This Fall Wishlist has a theme, can you guess what it is?



 1. TheraICE Rx Headache & Migraine Relief Hat  

     Whether you're helping your kids with homework, you're exhausted from trying to remember how to interact with humans face to face, or like me, your caffeine intake has lessened, this headache & migraine relief hat is a MUST.  There is no mistaking this “don’t interrupt mommy vibe” that this gives off. 


     2. Don't Fuck With Me Candle 

    To my great delight I found this candle prior to learning about the shade that went into making this. If you're a Real Housewives of Potomac fan then you'll know what I mean! I originally put this candle on my wishlist because I constantly deal with people who somehow didn’t get the memo that there is a global pandemic and they refuse to wear their masks in tight spaces. I have  f*cking rage around that selfishness. It wouldn’t be professional for me to walk around in a shirt for 2 with this slogan, so I’ll opt for burning this candle. Thank you @mrs.miathornton for this oh so perfect candle. 

     3. AMANDA PEARL 14k Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings  


    I get so excited when the weather gets a bit cooler and I can put on my favorite cozy comfy high neck sweater. The only drawback is when my earrings get caught in the wool, but that is not a problem with these Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings. They add sparkle and style and complete my look even when the only thing looking back at me is a porcelain throne.


     4. The Book on Pie

    It is always a good time for pie, and it is always a good time to introduce yourself to the amazingness that is Erin Jeanne McDowell. Not only do I wish that she was my neighbor, because I would happily test out my cravings on her confections, she is empowers EVERYONE to become a pie expert. If you haven’t watched her on YouTube yet, you need to drop everything and  watch THIS. She just makes you smile and feel confident that you can make a delicious pie crust from scratch. Unlike all the other books and tutorials that tell you what things should look like, she tells you what it shouldn’t look like and what most likely went wrong if it doesn’t turn out right. 


    5. AMANDA PEARL Stitch Necklace

    Badass women raise badass women, and wearing this necklace resonates with me. Inspired by the typically “feminine” cross-stitch, which has become a mechanism for quiet social protest, and a vehicle for the assertion of feminism.  This necklace is subtle, but no less powerful, and is a great every day option as well as a base for layering your favorite pendants and charms.


     6. Lingua Franca Cashmere Sweater "yes si oui ja"


    There is something so satisfying about a fresh sweater to get me excited for the Fall season, and this Lingua Franca sweater is perfect, especially since saying yes got me into this position!



    7. If you haven’t gotten in hint yet let me introduce you to my new travel buddy: Big Fudge Barf Bags!



    Have you guessed the theme of this wishlist yet?


    Maybe this will help. The last item on this wishlist is for Amanda and my husband.  


    See, those two deal with me on a daily basis and they have a limit with my rousing chatter (they’re silly I know), but now they’ll have to deal with two Kellys since I’m creating a mini me!  That’s right, baby girl Nelson is set to make her debut in March…. yes, I am making the world a better place, one feisty lady at a time. 

    This ultra sound pic is a few weeks old, but you get the point. 



    I of course need to show pictures of my first babies and how they like the sleep sacks that my wonderful Mother-In-Law has sent her future granddaughter. 


    Let us know what's on your wish list for this season in the comments below!


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    • Posted on by Sharon Rasoilo

      Congratulations on your new little one…and Happy Thanksgiving..I think I know what you’re happy for this year

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