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Let me set the scene for you and my theme with this wishlist. It is no doubt that these are scary and stressful times, so in order to elevate my mood I’m going to set the mood for a great evening.


  1. Sadly, I am aware that this summer will be spent social distancing, but since this is a WISHlist I’m adding this dress to the list. This dress exemplifies happiness, and I wish I had somewhere to wear it!



2. Since I’m not wasting wearing that gorgeous dress at home, I’ll be just as happy, but more comfortable in this loungewear version.  


3. Now that we have my attire for the evening squared away we need to focus on setting the mood. It’s spring, so I need some light florals to make me think of vacation. I'll do this by bringing out my Kai Diffuser


4. With the mood set, I’ll now move over to creating happiness in a glass… a cocktail!  This cocktail kit with palm motif will make you feel like you're partying on the beach even if you're stuck indoors. It's got everything you need for a cute tropical theme including cocktail recipes, palm-frond stirrers and and festive paper straws.


5. As I sip my tropical cocktail (spiked lemonade) with an umbrella and palm tree straw, I will stimulate my mind with this cocktail map of the US

6. There is no way that I’m going to set the mood for a tropical evening without having some chips and guac, so there is where I complete the setting for my evening. I’ll make sure that my nails are done in this shimmering lavender pink color



7. And have my favorite stack of AMANDA PEARL rings on!


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