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Winter is here, and while I usually am able to do some chic cold weather looks for at least a month or two, I've gone straight to the cozy, cocooning, cold barrier layers. That being said, some of our newer jewels are the perfect thing to help up the ante and finish the looks. Here's what is on my list!


1. B&W Sweater

My wardrobe hack is to buy everything in black and white, ensuring that no matter how lazy I am in what I put together, all looks crisp and purposeful.  This Peruvian Connection sweater fits all the bills and is on the top of my list.


2. Double Finger Ripple Ring

I'm completely obsessed with our new Double Finger Ripple Ring. Fitting into my stack seamlessly, it helps to create volume and interest, but is most especially intriguing when worn on its own. 


3. Beaded Necklaces

We've added two new necklaces that are just so cool, I don't want to give them up. The first is our Herkimer Diamond + Pearl Collar, which strikes the perfect balance of edgy and soft. The second is our new Denim Blue Ethiopian Opal Necklace. I love the cool blue with my typical black and white to bring some vibrance on these dark days. 


4. Sculpture

With more time spent indoors, I'm always wanting to clean, organize, purge, and just generally improve my space at home. I'm loving this stoneware sculpture from Common Body.


5. Ear Game


These diamond spike studs are so cool, and each made of one-of-a-kind fancy cut diamonds from Diamond Foundry. I can't wait to do these up the ear! (I might need to get more places to put them...!)


6. Cool Charm

This Cool Charm says is all - winter or summer!


7. Thermodynamic Nail Polish

In case you haven't noticed from previous wish lists, I'm so completely obsessed with all polishes from Death Valley Nails. This one is one color when warm, another color when cold - just to keep things interesting on my fingers if my clothes are going to be same ol'.


8. Happy Feet

Did I mention that all I want in this life is to be cozy? These plush lined Tevas have been on my mind for YEARS. This might be the year I pull the trigger!


What's on your wish list this winter? Let us know below!

And to see the full list of what I'm looking at, check out my board on Pinterest.


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