Malachite and Quill Spike Bundle


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This gorgeous jumble of charms is all ready to become your new favorite necklace. Anchored by a rich green Malachite teardrop set off by a Quill Spike Charm with Diamond, it's the perfect balance of earthy and bright. Malachite is the stone of transformation, bringing energy and focus to new growth, while the white diamond opens the mind to the new and possible, activating the Crown Chakra. Diamonds are believed to inspire creativity, imagination and ingenuity, and bring about strength, fortitude, and courage through a diamond’s hardness and ‘invincibility’.

Revolutionary Pricing

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We’ve taken control and are doing things our way - that means that we’ve cut the middlemen so that we can sell directly to you at real prices, and in turn do more for the causes that we support.

10% Give Back

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Each quarter we aim to highlight a new cause that we are passionate about - from civil rights to environmental issues. We aim to shed light on what's going on, show ways people can get involved, and raise funds for the cause - donating 10% of all sales to the chosen organization. 

Current Organization: Cultural Survival

Their Mission: Advance Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Cultures Worldwide.

Sustainably Made in NYC

how we are made

We are a small, women-run business, designing our jewelry in our NYC studio and manufacturing locally by artisans in the city’s Diamond District. We proudly work with local family businesses and small makers to help keep our local industry alive and thriving.

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