The genesis of this collection was an image of a single, spiny black sea urchin against a stark white background - the perfect icon for Amanda’s current aesthetic mood - spare, slick, edgy, natural design, but also full of elegant movement, alive under the sea.

The collection was designed to be highly convertible - to be layered and combined to create multiple looks. Curving bypass rings and bracelets can be worn individually, or slipped together for stronger statements within the collection, and can be layered into a wearer’s existing collection with ease. Most earrings are sold individually, so that they can be combined as the wearer sees fit - pearl with stone, spike with pearl, and the pearl backs fit on any post to change up even the most classic of studs.

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Pearl Stud Earring

from $135 - $160

Quill Spike Earring

from $220 - $245