AMANDA PEARL is a small, woman-owned, New York City-based accessories company known for sustainably and ethically made jewelry that is designed to empower. The founder and designer, Amanda Brotman, has rebelled against the traditional retail model, cutting out the middleman and traditional 10x markup, bringing luxury accessories directly to the consumer at real, fair prices. We don’t offer discounts because we don’t inflate our costing to allow for them. We offer the best prices every day of the year - with a 3% give-back to a different cause each quarter.

Designed in our NYC studio, the collection is proudly manufactured by local artisans and small family businesses - the jewelry is made in NYC’s diamond district. It is our goal to help keep these small makers alive and thriving. AMANDA PEARL produces in small quantities using recycled metals, ethical stones, and cultured pearls - a natural resource whose cultivation helps to maintain and improve water ecology.

Founded and designed by Seattle-born Amanda Pearl Brotman, the collection is inspired by her Pacific Northwest roots, with nods to the shaping influences that she continues to reference - nature, science, music, and the visual and performing arts.

Amanda’s award winning designs have been seen on women such as Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl Streep, Gal Gadot, Jane Fonda, and Karlie Kloss, and in publications such as Vogue, Bazaar, InStyle, and WWD.


Founder / Creative Director

Born and raised in Seattle, Amanda’s childhood was both full of culture and the arts, and the freedom to explore the wild outdoors. Twelve years studying and performing with the Pacific Northwest Ballet instilled an unerring discipline and sharp attention to detail, which was tempered by her ceaseless curiosity about the natural world.

Constantly pushing boundaries, Amanda left for NYC where she received a degree in Art History and Visual Arts from Barnard College. After a tenure at Marc Jacobs, in the technical design and production departments, Amanda brought her experience to Erin Fetherston’s womenswear label, where she was Collection Director, before decamping to launch AMANDA PEARL.

Amanda is settled in NYC with her husband and boys, but still considers the Pacific Northwest ‘home’ – drawing upon its stunning natural beauty and innovative spirit as inspiration for her work.

Amanda has won the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for her handbag designs and was most recently a finalist in the fine jewelry category.


Marketing Manager

Megan was born and raised in NYC. She graduated from Skidmore College with a Major in Management and Business and a minor in Studio Art. After graduating, her long term love of the arts combined with her fascination with business strategy pointed her towards working for a small company in a creative industry whose values aligned with hers. AMANDA PEARL checked those boxes. Nothing excites her more than using her creative background to strategize and implement a plan to reach a goal.

While Megan has no formal background in jewelry design, the parallels between jewelry making and other media she does have familiarity with make the jewelry space fascinating to her. Ceramics is one of her favorite mediums because of the beauty in both the refined and raw elements. Again in alignment with jewelry, ceramics pieces are commonly made to be put to use and interacted with. Seeing the natural elements intersect with the polished final product of Amanda’s designs to create something that invokes a sense of confidence, power, and grace for whoever wears it, is truly an exciting thing to be a part of.


operations coordinator

Joe was born and raised in Arizona. Early on, he had a fascination with all things nature, art and fashion. Joe graduated from Northern Arizona University with a major in Merchandising and Public Relations and a minor in Studio Art. After leaving college, he charted his way to New York City to work in fashion styling and PR for various brands.

While living in New York, Joe wanted to work toward his goal of being a part of a small family-like business. AMANDA PEARL was the answer. While this is Joe's first venture into fine jewelry, he has experience working with ready-to-wear and small leather goods brands. AMANDA PEARL’s jewelry stood out because of its organic relationship to the patterns of the earth. 

If not working, Joe can be found outside on his rooftop garden in Brooklyn, weaving handmade fabrics or painting on canvas. Experiencing the creative atmosphere at AMANDA PEARL has further pushed Joe to have the confidence to create - the same feeling that is evoked when anyone wears the AP designs!


We use ethical, unmined diamonds and recycled gold so you can enjoy fine jewelry's timeless, luxurious quality without the environmental and social impacts of newly mined material.

We also offer carbon-neutral shipping with Cloverly. We can actively address climate change by “greening” our shipments, offsetting their carbon emissions by re-greening spaces local to each package’s destination location.


We make our product in small batches (sometimes one at a time!) in NYC, supporting small, local makers and family businesses. That means no socially/environmentally dodgy overseas production and no carbon footprint to ship the goods halfway around the world. We also are only producing what is needed and wanted - we aren’t producing extensive collections or holding more inventory than needed. We make just enough newness throughout the year so that nothing is wasted - be it creative capital or raw materials.


Each quarter we aim to highlight a new cause that we are passionate about - from civil rights to environmental issues. We aim to shed light on what's going on, show ways people can get involved, and raise funds for the cause - donating 3% of all sales to the chosen organization.

Currently, we are fired up about fighting climate change and supporting the World Wildlife Fund's work for people and nature.

Click HERE to learn more about their work.

Previously supported organizations:
The National Alliance to End Homelessness, EVERYTOWN for Gun Safety, Cultural Survival, The Trust for Public Land, Equal Justice Initiative, Color of Change, K.I.N.D. Kids In Need of Defense, Global Fund for Women, Artists for Progress, International Rescue Committee, CDC Foundation, Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Consider Something Better.