We've got all the good gifts this holiday season and have curated a one-stop-shop full of all of our favorite suggestions...
1. For your Feminist Sister:  Our "Stitch" Earrings ($22) and Necklace ($335)
Inspired by the typically “feminine” cross-stitch, which has become a mechanism for quiet social protest and a vehicle for the assertion of feminism.

2. For your Cosmopolitan Cousin:  The Homesick New York City candle ($30)
With citrusy top notes and floral and concrete mid notes, this candle is going to be a jet setting city lover's new favorite. 

3. For your Art Snob Auntie, or Rebellious Little Cousin: a piece (or full set) from our collaboration with artist Jennifer Ament. Pouch ($50), Tote ($55) and Tee ($55).

4. For the colleague who really just needs a vacation: the Kai nightlight candle ($26) and room diffuser ($78).
She'll think she died and went to heaven with the intoxicating exotic white flower scent this collection gently releases.  
5. To your BFF the "Seeker": The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guide ($40)
Housed in a gorgeous box, Kim Krans' art comes to life in this stunning and mysterious Tarot Deck.
6. For your life saver of a babysitter who could use a little extra "oomph": Our 14k gold "Thorn" earrings ($370)
7. For your neice or nephew who can't get enough of the great outdoors: The Homesick Seattle Candle ($30)
With top notes of coffee and pine needles, and mid notes of rain, cyclamen, and cedar, this will make them feel right at home, no matter where they are.

8. For all the mom friends... Our 14k gold Letter Charm ($235)
1/2" tall, this sculptural charm is the not-so-basic basic that everyone everyone will love.

9. For your kids' teacher: Daughter of the Land Iris + Rosehips Bath soak ($33)
Full of restorative and rejuvenating ingredients to give her exactly the soothing break she deserves...
10. For YOU - the dream clutch you've always wanted! ($635-850)
Life is short. Get the bag. Carry the bag. Enjoy the bag.  Same goes for jewelry!
Not to mention all the awesome bags and jewels that will give back to K.I.N.D.: Kids in Need of Defense through the end of the year....


And find ALL of our 'Studio Favorites' HERE.

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