How do I put on the Climber Earrings?

We know that these might seem a bit tricky at first, so we have created a guide for you:

Curved Quill Earring How-To


Help! How do I put on the bypass bracelet?

How to put on a bypass bracelet

The bypass bracelets do not slide straight on over the hand. Instead, hold the bracelet’s opening parallel with the length of your arm/wrist, sliding your wrist in, and then turning the bracelet onto your arm. It seems complicated at first, but will soon become second nature – don’t worry! If need be, you can spread the opening wider to more easily accommodate your wrist. If you are having problems with the sizing after you receive the item, contact us and we will help.


How do I know what size ring to order?

The product details list ring sizes. If you do not know your ring size, please print this guide.  If you are still unsure of the best size we recommend sizing up. Bypass rings can always be squeezed in a little bit, and the Quad Quill Ring can always use a little extra room.


Do you make size adjustments?

If you are still unsure of the size to order please contact us. Depending on the item, we might be able to enlarge or make smaller to your exact size. If you are in NYC, feel free to make an appointment to come in and have your piece sized right on you. 


How long does it take to get an item that is on Backorder?

The Backorder time varies. It could be 2 days or 2 weeks. Reach out to us if you see an item you like is on backorder and we will give you an approximate date.


What if a piece I wanted is not longer on the site?

Contact us and let us know the pieces that you were interested in. It might be the case that one last piece is available in "the vault".


Why are some earrings sold as pairs and others sold as singles?

Most (but not all) earrings are sold individually, so that they can be combined as the wearer sees fit – plain pearl with spiked pearl, spike with pearl, and the pearl clutch backs fit on any post to change up even the most classic of studs.



Check out our Materials & Care Guide for the best methods in protecting the longevity of your jewelry. Should damage occur, please email including your name, order number, description and photo of damage. If we determine that we are able to repair your piece, we will respond with shipping instructions. Repairs can take 4-6 weeks to complete and are subject to shipping charges if the damage is not due to manufacturer defect.


Do you offer gift-wrapping?

Yes!  When you purchase please leave us a note if you’d like gift-wrapping and/or an enclosure card.


I am having trouble deciding what to order, is there anyone that I can talk to?

We are happy to help!  You can contact us at, call our office at (646) 666-0653, or schedule a private showroom appointment to see all of your options.


Where can I try on the jewelry?

Come see us at our NYC showroom. Just email to let us know when you'd like to come.


Do you make custom jewelry?

Yes, we have made several custom pieces for clients. Contact us at to further discuss your needs and ideas.


Do you make custom bags?

We love working clients in choosing the perfect fabric combinations, but unfortunately are beholden to our existing frame shapes. Please contact us at to discuss further.


Why are the handbags so expensive?

Our handbags are handmade one by one in artisanal factories in Italy. Each metal frame is gold plated, fabrics are hand cut, folded and applied – a process so painstaking that only two Roll Clutches can be completed in a day, for example. For more on our craftsmanship, please click HERE.


Where is the jewelry made?

Our jewelry is all made right here in NYC, USA. For more on our craftsmanship, please click HERE.


How can I be featured in your Social Media?

Tag your image on Instagram so we can see it, along with #APxME for your chance to be featured!


What is the Return Policy?

Please view our Return Policy HERE.


What is the best way for me to care for my pieces?

So glad you asked! Check out our Care Guide.


Ugh, you didn’t answer my question.

So sorry! Please email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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