Amanda's Fall 2020 Wishlist

Fall is always a nice time to “refresh” things, and this season is no different (well, it’s VERY different, but that’s another story for another day).  Here are a handful of things I have my eye on as we move into Fall.


1. Our new 14k Beaded Ring is a nice addition to ring stacks, and I love this one to sandwich around a simple band.


2. To join our bestselling Chunky Paperclip Chain group - these drop earrings are incredible. Super light weight while making a statement.


3. I haven’t stopped wearing this new [chunkier] 14k Bead Chain necklace since it arrived. Even the tiniest of charms look SUPER LUXE on this chain.



4. One can always have “one more” mask, right? This one definitely fits the bill this season. “VOTE” by Cleo Wade for La Ligne.


5. I’m perpetually stuck in the past, when it comes to music… I can’t wait to get my hands on both this Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged resissue, as well as The White Stripes “Greatest Hits”. 




6. I just want to be warm and cozy and protected from the elements (and everything) in this cool tie-dye pullover from Holden. I might just stick my head inside and tie it up until the election is over and done with:


7. I love a good beauty product, especially one made for my “not-young” skin. And I love supporting friends’ independent businesses, so I’ll definitely be re-upping my stock of Lauren Napier’s FLAUNT facial cleansing wipes this month.



What are you looking at to get you through the season?

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