Amanda's Spring 2021 Wish List

Spring is always a time to refresh, and to cull, purge, and update what needs updating. I don't know about you, but after a rough year, and a lot of time in loungewear, I'm aching for some NEWness and some FASHION!  Well, let's not get carried away, I'm just talking something a little more polished that one wouldn't wear to snuggle up on the couch in. Elastic waistbands still very much welcome.

This also applies to my home. Like most of you, I'd imagine, so much time was spent at home this past year, I've finally taken the time to Marie Kondo the joint (somewhat) and make sure everything brings me joy.  Or, make sure to inject some joy into these spaces in which I spend a lot of my time.  These rainbow glasses really do it all for me - practical, but make me feel ALL the joy - so they're at the tip top of my list.



If you've been with us for a stretch, you'll know that my most favorite bag (it's the best - hands down) is by friend, fellow designer Jessica Park of Ampersand as Apostrophe. Imagine my unfettered glee when she came out with my favorite bag as a mini crossbody, in this most effervescent shade of neon yellow. YEE HAW! I'm in love. It packs way more than you'd imagine, and is an absolute MUST HAVE. (I want about 6 other colors in this bag - Jessica is queen of color - but I digress.)

This Ultra Chunky Irregular Paperclip Chain necklace is just so good - and instantly polishes any look in one step. For real - from a professional suit look, to jeans and a white tee. I'll be wearing this one non-stop.

Our Beaded Charm Lock is another really great, timeless piece that will give you SO much flexibility with your chains and charms. I'll use it to hang this vibrant, carved Paua Monstera Leaf Charm, when the mood suits.
I figure the easiest way to at least look like I tried, is to "put a blazer on it".  This natural colored one from Zadig et Voltaire looks like it'll fit the bill - not TOO tailored, and look at that drawstring! I'll feel right at home... (😹)

Somehow, I turn from an all black wearing NYC goth in winter to a Florida granny come spring/summer.  These printed crêpe pants from Tory Burch are hitting the joy button, so they're going on the list.

I've enjoyed the La Tulipe fragrance by BYREDO for the last few years, and was tickled to see the scent in a body wash. Might as well bring joy into all corners of life, right?

Finally, these seem the perfect shoes to cover toes that aren't yet ready for prime time, as well as make me feel like I'm on vacation on the Mediterranean coast, even when I'm locked on the Isle of Manhattan.

What's on your list this spring?
Let us know in the comments below!

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