Amanda's Summer 2020 Wishlist

Wow, what a summer. One unlike any we’ve lived through, I’d venture to say! These wishlists have seemed stupid, in light of all we’ve been going through these past months, but I decided to finally post this because we all deserve a little fantasy, no?

 1. I always like to say one can never have too many slogan tees, and these three have been on my list for a while... 

Left: From our collaboration with artist Jennifer Ament - our THINK tee ($55)
Middle: "Stay Home" tee from Imogene & Willie ($68)
Right: "When We All Vote" tee from Clare V ($99)


2. It wouldn't be summer without Birks, and I am love love loving this cobalt blue pair with the super squishy footbed. (I'm a granny. What do you want from me.)


3. With so much time spent at home, it was time to up the ante from the sweats and concert tees, to a fun cotton PJ I recently found from small brand Printfresh. Founded by textile designer and entrepreneur Amy Voloshin, they manufacture in India with socially and environmentally conscious vendors and have cute prints galore! 



4. Although I wear it all year long, our Pierced Paua Shell charm screams summer. Now available bundled with our Diamond Cut Bead Chain and Quill Spike Charm with Emerald, I can't stop thinking about this combo.



5. Is it a nightgown? Is it a house dress? Is it a sexy '90s slip dress? I don't even care. It's all I want to wear this summer. (Answer: It's all of those things, and I might have bought it in two colors 🤫). From one of our favorite sustainable brands, Neunomads.


6. I wear our Quill Climber Earrings nearly every day, and am loving the emerald version for summer with that charm bundle. 


7. I finally got out to do some hiking and biking this summer, and loved having Imogene & Willie's bandana at the ready to "mask up" when I happened to run into fellow humans (or needed to wipe down, or what have you).  (Note: this didn't replace a mask when in town and in closer contact with humanity).

Comment with what you haven’t been able to live without this summer!

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