Amanda's Winter 2021 Wish List

It's January! A whole new year! I know we all wish it could feel a bit more of a step away from 2020, alas... here we are.  In the midst of so much history in the making. In any case, I digress... My WISH LIST!  January always leaves me a bit with the post holiday blues... So my M.O. for getting through the remainder of winter is to be as cozy and comfy as possible.

1. Since this is a fantasy WISH LIST, I'm putting this chic striped teddy bear vest from Max Mara on here. I mean, who wouldn't want to be wrapped up in this baby? I'm also loving this styling with the black sweater and gloves with the chunky chain bracelet on top.


2. On my list is one of our newest pieces, this Ultra Chunky Irregular Paperclip Chain Necklace.  It is so freaking cool. Way chunkier and way more of a 'look' than anything we've had in the fine jewelry collection, its links are semi-hollow making the necklace lightweight and easy to wear. With our new charm locks, I can even hang charms from this chain if I want, but right now I'm loving it on its own.


3. Speaking of charm locks - my other new favorite piece in the collection - this Long Pavé Charm Lock is beyond stunning, and can work to attach charms, but also as an enhancer to add into your chain. Who doesn't need a little extra light during these dark days?

4. It's been a long year already. I'm planning to put together a stockpile of these new single serving soaks from Daughter of the Land so that I can try some of the other fragrances (you know I'm a forever slave to their Cypress CBD soak...).

5. Speaking of light... The days are dark. And long. And dark. I love the idea of making some peppy "light art" with this HAY Neon LED Tube Light from the MoMA store.  At $55, it's way cheaper than a Dan Flavin.  Energizing and a total mid-winter pick-me-up, if you ask me...

 6. Starting on election day, I began "anxiety knitting" (knitting to work out current events related anxiety).  I also came to find this incredible yarn maker/dyer/artist - Stitch Together Studio. Her work is STUNNING, and I want one of everything she makes. I'll likely pick up a couple more skeins to get me through January 20th, at the very least... (In related news, if anyone needs a knit hat...)


7. Would it even be an "Amanda's Wish List" without a pair of Birks? I've been eyeing this plaid/shearling pair for a stretch. They do tick off a lot of boxes for me... Should I pull the trigger?


8. And finally... I've been using smokeless incense from BODHA for the entirely of the pandemic and find that it really does calm and ground me when I'm feeling freaked out or all over the place. I'm anxious to try this new fragrance from them called 'Tenderness' that has a "heart-soothing blend of rose, geranium & shiso leaf".


What are you looking at to get you through winter?

See more of my wishlist picks on Pinterest!



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