Amanda's Winter 2022 Wish List

It's usually at this time of year that I get a case of "dressing fatigue" and just want to be cozy and comfy. I can't quite bring myself to wear anything that takes thought (or a fixed waistband), and if it doesn't have cocoon vibes, I'm not into it.  I'm feeling "all the fuzzy, all the time", and the following pieces are on my wishlist to take me through the remaining cold and dark months.  I just have to acknowledge that I'm also generally in "all black, all the time" by this time of the year (remember, I can't do anything that takes thought?!), but let's see if I can get lighter and brighter until the days follow suit!

1. Fringe Sweater

Blame it on the hippie in me, but I love almost anything with fringe.  This sweater By Malene Birger looks like a cozy cocoon to layer over knit pants.




2. Speaking of Knit Pants...

These cream "sweater pants" from GOOP (+ many more options to be had) look like the only thing I might wear until winter is done...

3. Fuzzy Flats

While these are decidedly NOT appropriate for NYC's winter streets, we still work from home a couple days a week, and these slides from Birdies will be the perfect footwear to go with my cocoon look.

4. Earrings

Luckily, I have 3 holes in each ear lobe so I can wear more than one pair of earrings. 😉  These are three of my favorites right now.  Our Pavé Paperclips strike a balance between being special and statement with the delicate diamond pavé, but also modern and wearable for every day.  Our Quill Thorns are a beautiful, abbreviated hoop, and our small Quill Spike Studs top things off nicely in the 3rd hole.


5. Fuzzy Jacket 

This is a total dream jacket - fuzzy, reversible, and Dior.  Even if it can't happen in reality, a girl can dream, and this fuzzy/quilted jacket is the perfect topper for my look. 

6. Since we're dreaming...

We might as well accessorize with more fuzzy, no?  I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as too much, especially in January and February.  How about this shearling Dior Caro bag?

7. Put a ring (or three) on it

I'm loving the texture of our Beaded Rings stacked, and they're especially good with all the texture in our fuzzy theme.

8. One more Ring
I have ten fingers, so I might as well wear at least one more ring (if not more). Our Quad Quill Ring ties everything together, and can even be worn as a ring jacket around my simple solitaire if I so desire.
9. I can always use a little brightening, and a red lip hides a host of ills. This iconic red 999 from Dior is my current favorite.
10. One of my favorite necklaces that has enough heft to pair with chunky winter knits - our Ultra Chunky Irregular Paperclip Chain Necklace. That being said, this is a favorite all year long!
Check out the full list of things I've been eyeing HERE on Pinterest, with more jewelry and clutches, naturally.

Let us know what you're loving for Winter 2022 in the comments below!

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