Introducing our new series highlighting BOSSLADIES we love - inspiring women making waves, and making their mark.  Women who are making our world better, brighter, more beautiful, and more just.


Our first BOSSLADY is Jennifer Ament - a Seattle based artist whose tools vary from a paintbrush to a blowtorch.  I love her organic, abstract encaustic paintings, but it's the graphic aesthetic and themes of rock 'n' roll, woman power, and the natural world of the Pacific Northwest seen in her prints that really gets me. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the West Coast and in New York City, for companies like Starbucks, and even in large-scale public murals for Urban Artworks and Starbucks.  You might have seen her in numerous art and style publications such as Architectural Digest, Huffington Post, Elle Décor or others.  Oh, and she's also the founder of Artists For Progress.  NBD.

It took me about 10 years to finally buy a piece, as I could never decide which was my favorite. (I clearly suffer from a serious case of decision paralysis.  Sheesh.)

Without further ado....



AMANDA PEARL: What was your first paying job?

Jennifer Ament: Burger King!




AP: When did you know you were meant to be a BOSS?

JA: I never envisioned myself as a "boss" but as I came into my own as an artist I took on the responsibility of being my own boss, empowering myself to be in control of my career.  It has been essential to surround myself with people I can trust and be transparent with.



AP: What's a cause you're passionate about?

JA: Artists for Progress, which is a group of artists that raises funds for at risk causes, fighting hate with hope!  Check us out at




AP: What makes you feel powerful?

JA: Doing good things in my community, through small actions and empowering others to do the same.




AP: How do you take care of YOU?

JA: Knowing when to say NO, giving myself breaks, lots of down time to recuperate from being social.




AP: Who inspires you?

JA: I am inspired by people that are able to move through life's challenges despite adversity - resiliency is such a superpower.  We can all easily become victims of our life story.  When people are able to move through their trauma and still find happiness/creativity it totally blows me away.




AP: Favorite piece from the AMANDA PEARL collection and why?

JA: The Power Cuff. Simple and elegant.

Image result for amanda pearl power cuff

Thanks so much to Jennifer for being the inaugural BOSS of our series!  I hope you all enjoyed her feature. Stay tuned for the next impressive entry into our series, and contact me if you have a Bosslady to nominate!




See/learn more about Jennifer and her work at  🙌🏼


I'll leave you with an image of my next planned acquisition... #goals


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