Introducing our new series highlighting BOSSLADIES we love - inspiring women making waves, and making their mark.  Women who are making our world better, brighter, more beautiful, and more just.



Next in our series is Lauren Napier - a NYC based makeup artist turned full blown beauty entrepreneur.  Lauren and I first met when she did the makeup for our first AMANDA PEARL photo shoot and we have been friends ever since.  She is a talented and creative makeup artist and beauty expert, having worked with Oscar winners, music and pop icons, indie film stars, silver screen legends, a Beatle, a Bond, and an American President. To date, Lauren's work has been seen in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence and More magazines other works include long standing comedy institution Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


Of course it doesn't end there. On a flight from Australia to Dubai, Lauren was struck with the idea that became the business venture that has taken her name and idea worldwide.  It began with a desire to have clean skin. "I am a minimalist, a makeup artist, skincare enthusiast and world traveler. I couldn't find what I was looking for in a makeup remover - so I created it," says Lauren.  CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER was born - a luxury cleansing wipe that effectively removes makeup, pollution and impurities, made with pure ingredients and complex natural compounds deemed safe by the World Health Organization.  Because she's that amazing, her packaging is 100% recyclable, the product is cruelty free, free of hazardous microbeads, manufactured using solar energy, and female owned and operated.  Booyah.


Just when you think she couldn't get any more amazing, you realize she's also a political activist, using her voice and platform to fight for fairness and equality, women's issues, and more.  Basically, she's our hero.


On to the interview...

AMANDA PEARL:  What was your first paying job?

LAUREN NAPIER:  My first paying job was at a men’s formalwear store. I was 16 and I fit all of the boys in tuxedos for prom.


AP:  When did you know you were meant to be a BOSS?

LN:  I always marched to the beat of my own drum, I had a unique set of leadership skills, what I pursued I often achieved. When I was unsuccessful, I had a keen ability to bounce back. I was fearless and resilient. That’s when I knew I was meant to be a boss.


AP:  What’s a cause you’re passionate about?

LN:  I am incredibly passionate about politics. I have always been interested in world history it has never been more important to know the facts and apply the lessons that history has taught us. My hope is that all people become educated and engaged in our political process to make everything from equal pay to police brutality issues that become a thing of the past.


AP:  What makes you feel powerful?

LN:  I feel powerful when I am assertive, decisive and make to decisions to put myself first.


AP:  How do you take care of YOU?

LN:  I take care of myself by resting. I take afternoon naps when possible. I have a weekly manicure and quickie massage. I turn the phone on airplane mode and listen to Etta James, Fleetwood Mac or Miles Davis.


AP:  Who inspires you?

LN:  I am inspired by activists. People who spend their waking moments advocating to improve the lives of others.


AP:  Favorite piece from the AMANDA PEARL collection and why.

LN:  How can I choose just oneAMANDA PEARL piece? I love the quad quill ring in gold. It’s elegant and eye catching. Love it!

AP:  What has been the most difficult hurdle or lesson learned?

LN:  I recently realized that I am unrelenting and stubborn. I looked back and realized that it’s a defense mechanism and it’s not always helpful.


AP:  Three things we don’t know about you.

LN:  My sense of humor is dry and direct. It often shocks the shit out of people, then they have a good laugh.

I opt for dessert over wine every time.

I can spend an entire 48 hours alone and content.

AP:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

LN:  Trust your instinct. Believe in your abilities.


AP:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given?

LN:  Don’t give up. Assess and redirect but don’t give up.


AP:  Proudest moment of your career thus far?

LN:  There are many proud moments. Every day there are extreme highs and lows. My most proud moment is getting where I am right here, right now while finding the balance that it takes to be present and manage future planning.


AP:  If you could say something to your younger self what would it be?

LN:  Think before you speak. Pick your battles. It gets better and you get better.


AP:  If you could have one super power, what would it be?

LN:  Absolute accuracy.


P.S. Gotta love a lady that shaves her head wearing not much more than AMANDA PEARL Quill Thorn Earrings. Click to watch the video!

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