Empowering You

"Not just an item to adorn, I see jewelry as an opportunity to communicate strength - both overtly, as well as in a more subtle, talismanic way to the wearer. I like the idea of jewelry as armor - not necessarily in a defensive way, but in a way that makes the wearer feel protected and reminds them of their inherent, personal strength. I want for my designs to feel comfortable, sculptural, and organic in nature - they should feel like a natural extension of one’s form that highlights and enhances, allowing the wearer to feel powerful, and to do their part in changing the world."

-- Amanda 


 Part of why we wanted to cut out the middlemen and offer our jewelry at real, fair prices, was to make it more accessible - something that we'd feel comfortable buying for ourselves, rather than waiting for some big occasion to be gifted with.  There's something incredibly powerful about purchasing jewelry for oneself and adorning oneself -- choosing pieces that speak to YOU.





Sister’s cheering on Sisters! Is there anything more beautiful 😍!


El empoderamiento en la mujer es lo mejor que puedes tener para superarte


Great jewelry.


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