Fun Facts about Kelly!

@AMANDAPEARLUnofficial has a fancy new portrait (huge shoutout to Weston Wells 🙌🏼), so we thought we'd properly introduce you and share some fun facts about our #1 employee. 🤗

1) Though she loves cats now, she is allergic and used to be scared of them.

2) Her first time camping was during Outward Bound for a week, where she had to sleep under a tarp, hike and whitewater kayak her way through North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia..... She has not gone camping ever since! ha!

3) She got her ears re-pierced once she started working at AMANDA PEARL because she wanted to wear the Curved Quill Climbers.

4) The "Something Borrowed" on her wedding day was Amanda's veil. 

5) Her wedding earrings are the Small Ripple Climber Full Pave earrings in white gold.

6) She spent all of her summers at the pool and lifeguarded for 8 years, so having limited access to pools makes her stir crazy in NYC in the summer.

7) Her favorite comfort food is peanut butter and jelly.

8) Her dream is to have a sleeping porch.

9) Her oldest niece and nephew call her Sneaky Shark and she calls them her Shark Baits.

10) She loves the sound of neck / back cracks...weird.

11) She loves public speaking and the idea of people being forced to listen to her makes her smile!

12) She goes through an audio book a week (she downloads them for free from the library).

13) Her favorite books all have the same set up...female lead series, murder-mystery, baking or cooking recipes are given, and the main character has a cat or dog. 

14) Turns out that she has the same taste in books as those who live in retirement communities.

15)  She makes the best apple pie...if you don't believe her she'll happily make one for you and demand that you declare it the best. 🏅

16) First concert: Garth Brooks.

17) Is obsessed with The Great British Baking Show.

18) Kelly's fashion icon is Phyllis Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills.

19) Thinks that there is no better looking cake than those in Pollyana.


What else do you want to know? Ask away in the comments below!



What a babe…


She sounds like a dream!

Mrs. Nelson

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