Meet Megan!

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team - MEGAN!  Megan is already bringing youthful, hyper-creative energy to the team, and we thought we should introduce her via an installment of our FUN FACTS series.


1) Megan was captain of her high school soccer team… However, it was a school of the arts, not at all an athletic school.
2) She did Irish dance for 8 years.
3) The 1980 film "Fame" was based off of her high school.
4) She was born & raised in NYC.
5) She went to school for art since 6th grade.
6) She and her mom have matching tattoos (of a drawing she did).
7) Her childhood home (in Brooklyn) has a giant cherry tree.
8) She's farsighted and nearsighted so without her contacts, it is all a blur.


What else do you want to know? Ask away in the comments below!

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Welcome to the team Megan! We are excited about what the future holds!

Kelly Nelson

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