Fun Facts about our Fearless Leader

Next in line for FUN FACTS - our fearless leader, Amanda!



1) She may work in fashion but she is happiest in Birkenstocks.

2) Whatever designer duds she wears are hand-me-downs - her mom has impeccable style.

3) Her hair used to be down her back until chopping it into a pixie in 1999. (And she’s never looked back.)

4) She became the blonde that you know her as when she was 36 (she was blonde as a kid though).

5) She got her first tattoo at the tender age of 38.

6) Her favorite car to drive is a 1993 red jeep wrangler manual transmission.

7) Though she was a classically trained ballerina, she came of age in ‘90s Seattle, so Pearl Jam, the movie “Singles”, and playing outside are a few of her favorite things.

8) Not including airports, she has visited 30+ different countries.

9) Though she has lived in NYC for nearly 20 years, she would do anything to be back in the PNW.

10) Amanda feels most at home out in nature.

11) As a kid, her list of future careers included art teacher, helicopter pilot (thanks to the ‘80s show “Airwolf”), ballerina, and skier. 

12) She has a little bit of a sweet tooth (that’s a wild understatement).

13) She was a super duper Seattle Supersonics fan until they were unceremoniously deported to Oklahoma City.

14) She very clearly remembers the purse she wore when meeting her younger brother Justin at the hospital after he was born. (A purple floral quilted crossbody).

15) She’s an accessories  person, if you hadn’t gathered.

16) Amanda somehow made it through the ‘90s with a very conservative number of piercings, only to get her upper ear cartilage done at 38, and another one the other day.

17) Her first concert: NKOTB with her cousin Kelly. 

18) When she's in Seattle, going for a Dick's Burger and getting a Maple Bar from Top Pot Doughnuts are top of the list.

19) Amanda knits, and gets many requests for her winter hats.

20) She learned to knit at her rather progressive high school when she signed up to knit hats for the homeless.

21) She also loves to subversive cross stitch.

22) Her favorite fruit is watermelon.

23) She is surprisingly handy around the house.

24) Amanda is actually very quiet and does not like drawing attention to herself, so she’s very uncomfortable right now…


What else do you want to know? Ask away in the comments below!



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She is a GREAT Mom and if a Dick’s burger is not available, will
opt for The Burg!


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