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If anyone knows me they know that I struggle with getting gifts for the ones I love. I usually wait until the last minute - but luckily Amanda has taken all the guesswork out of shopping this holiday season.



If your mom is anything like my mom, then you know that Covid quarantine hasn’t kept her down. She is busy gardening, perfecting her watercolor, or taking one of her many mile walks.  Our CBD products from Daughter of the Land are the perfect gift for my active mom.


Daughter of the Land Bath Soak

Daughter of the Land - Chamomile Oil and Chamomile Balm


Parent / Caregiver / Adult in charge of Virtual Learning at home:

The Gifts for mom selection is also the perfect gift collection for the Parent / Caregiver / Adult,  who is trying to keep their sanity while homeschooling / virtual learning. Warning: If you are the spouse, partner, etc, that gets to tuck away in the home office and actually get work done instead of having to wrangle kids, then I recommend that the above selection of gifts be overnighted as well as be accompanied by diamonds! For that I would recommend the following:


14k Diamond Letter Bangle

14k Quill Climber Earring Ring Bundle


14k Ripple Ring - Full Pavé

Your USPS, UPS, or FEDEX carrier:

If you’re like me and have purchased more online than ever before (ahem, Covid) then your carrier deserves a thoughtful holiday gift for having to schlep all of your purchases to your door. I will be giving them our Bath Box to help them soothe their aching muscles from all of my #wfhootd purchases. What I love about this box is that with the selection of single serving bath soaks they get to explore the different scents and get to constantly have a treat.


Bath Box

Your Virtual Happy Hour Friends:

Since you cannot be together, The Explorer Box is the next best thing. The CBD balm will ensure a chill virtual hangout session, while the amazing Seattle candle will make you think that you’re having an après ski hot toddy in front of the fire, and the Archetype deck and guidebook will lead to some incredible insight!  If you’re not in the mood for deep reflection during the virtual happy hour there is nothing wrong with making a drinking game out of it.  It's not how it’s intended to be used, but it’s a Pandemic so anything goes! 


The Explorer Box


The babysitter that has remained in your bubble so that you and your spouse can keep your sanity:

Since you cannot give them the world, give them the gift that is perfect for showing off trinkets from traveling the world. Our charm locks are great on their own, but made even more magical with the charms that you collect along your way in life. Better yet, start off their charm jumble with our letter charm and our coveted diamond cut bead chain. 

Charm Locks

14k Letter Charm on Diamond Cut Bead Chain




Your friend whose tropical vacation got canceled:

Nothing will make up for the postponed trip, but these Monstera Leaf Charms in Mother of Pearl, Black Lip, and Paua Shell will help get them excited to reschedule. Side note, these are better than anything they’d pick up at a souvenir shop. 

Leaf Charms


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