Kelly's Quarantine Beauty Must-Haves

I wish I was someone who had the opportunity to take luxurious baths (my washing machine drainage hose connects to my tub…. so no thank you), and that I took the time for nightly beauty routines. The sad fact is that though I have the time, I just don’t have a desire to put on face masks and endless amounts of serums. So let me title this as the beauty must haves that anyone can get behind.


1. Moisturize that body!  Are you ready for me to blow your mind?  Well, I was lucky enough to go to one of the top dermatologists in NYC and these were her recommendations for the best body moisturizers… which cost under $23 in total! Sometimes I use both, but most of the time I choose one or the other



2. So as to not scare myself when I look in the mirror I do tend to put on under eye concealer… yes, even during quarantine.


3.  If I have washed my face in the morning, which during this time is debatable, I will moisturize my face with these two incredible products. They feel like heaven! The creators of this product are two women chemists who spent years making skincare products for one of the largest beauty conglomerates, and they break down the myths about a lot of products.  Here is a little bit about them


4.  I could write some bullshit of how every night I take a few deep breaths and meditate and have a moment of zen, but that just isn’t the case. Though after writing that, it does sound better than what I currently do!  EEK! The truth is is that I end my nights by watching the clips of Watch What Happens Live from the night before on YouTube while I rub Daughter of the Land CBD balm over my aches! 

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What does your quarantine beauty regimen look like?

Tell us below!



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