Kelly's Quarantine Picks

Wondering what's getting Kelly through Quarantine in Brooklyn? Wonder no more...


1. Schitt’s Creek!  I get on my workout bike and put on an episode. It brings me joy, laughter, and makes the workout go by faster.


2. My Exhale Barre on Demand.  Though I really miss doing this class in person I am loving their On Demand features!  Doing their HIIT and Barre classes have helped me get my steps in without having to leave the apartment.


3. This CORKCICLE coffee mug. In the past when I would work from home I was able to dedicate my day to actual office work. Dishes, laundry, etc, that could wait.  Now though it feels essential to be on top of household chores at all time, and that means that I need my coffee to remain warm for hours.  These mugs feel different than other travel mugs, and makes me happy in my new #wfh office.


4. Green Chef. I am taking the Stay At Home order very seriously and that means limited trips to the grocery store.  I can only buy what I can carry back home, so having Green Chef not only saves my back from schlepping all that food, it allows me to be calm when I see empty shelves in the grocery store.  I could also just eat Mac N Cheese, PB & J, and ice cream for a month, but my husband would go crazy, so having a Green Chef meal is saving our sanity!


5. Speaking of comfort food and ice cream, I have become obsessed with Roots plant based frozen desserts. Their no sugar added bars are 100 calories or under, and taste delicious. It’s the perfect dessert, without the guilt, and helps with portion control, which my non-quarantine clothes will thank me for later!


6.  Neu Nomads Sayulita Kaftan.  I call this my “house schmatta” but it’s very chic!  this feels so good on the skin, and you don’t have to worry about elastic on your waistband! It makes me feel more put together, and makes me also think I live by the beach.  Note: Neu Nomads is a truly incredible women run small business.


7. Wine and Tequila are extremely helpful for getting me through this quarantine, but I try to make it a point to only have cocktails on the weekend, because it’s just too tempting to have them all the time right now.  So instead I choose to relax at night by taking a few moments to take deep breaths while I work this Daughter of the Land oil into my skin.  (Editor's note: another amazing, woman run small business!)


What's getting YOU through?

We want to know!

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