Kelly's Spring 2021 Wish List

I am ready to celebrate health and friendship this late spring / early summer season!  Here is my wish list to accomplish all the fun times I plan on having.


1.  Did you survive homeschooling your kids, virtual classrooms, endless zoom meetings, on top of being in CONSTANT close quarters with a select few? Well, if the answer to any of those is YES, then you deserve endless amounts of libations.  Whether chilled or hot, this incredible stemless insulated vessel has you covered. Also, the colors just make me happy. So raise a stemless Corkcicle glass and join me with with second item on my wishlist.  



2.  If you survived quarantine it must have been because you were able to get some quiet time to yourself (drinking alone in the closet while “playing” hide and seek with your kids). With vaccines being administered, now is the time to make memories with your adult friends. With your libations of choice being held in a Corkcicle cup in one hand, I encourage you to have one of these Bocce balls in the other.  If you have never played Bocce ball, or don’t think you’d like it, I dare you to prove me wrong. As someone who has two sets in her NYC apartment this is next on my list. Unlike regulation sets, this is lightweight, and GLOWS IN THE DARK!  Can someone please get this for me for my birthday?


3.  At this point I’m outside, playing bocce ball, and I have a perfectly chilled cocktail in my hand, but what am I wearing?  Something fussy and uncomfortable, NOT!  I will be rocking it in this Golden Girls inspired (that’s my opinion because it reminds me of the wallpaper in Blanche’s bedroom) jumpsuit by Farm Rio.




4.  Now all I need to do is complete my effortlessly awesome look with some recycled 14K gold and ethical diamond pieces. Since the jumpsuit is busy, I want to focus on rings, bracelets, and earrings. Here is my enviable / copyable look.

AMANDA PEARL’s 14K Quill Thorn Earrings, because they are an easy, every day, not-so-basic-basic, elevating any look to have a bit more edge.  

 My bracelet would HAVE to be AMANDA PEARL’s 14K Diamond Cut Rope Chain Bracelet because this bracelet does SO much more than you ever could anticipate. Made from faceted white and yellow gold diamond cut rope chain, it is a thoroughly modern, low-key, even punk take on the diamond tennis bracelet. It has no diamonds to feel precious about, but reflects the light and catches eyes as I move.


Finally, I would complete my effortless jewelry look with AMANDA PEARL’s 14K Beaded Ring because it it lightweight, unpretentious, and oh so stylish. 



What's on your wish list this spring? Let us know below!


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