Kelly's Winter 2021 Wish List

The first thing on my wishlist is a private plane and a private island, BUT since that is not possible, I'll tell you the next best things.

  1. At times, nothing is better than jeans and a comfy cashmere sweater, but at ALL TIMES nothing is better than Dolly Parton! “What Would Dolly Do?” sweater not only represents my love for the iconic and prolific songwriter, singer, actress, activist, all around bad ass, but it is made by an incredible women founded brand, Lingua Franca. Supporting fellow female entrepreneurs and wearing great clothes doesn’t get any better.
2. I’d rather wear a mask than spread Covid, but I cannot count the amount of times that I’ve almost lost an earring while taking my mask on and off. AMANDA PEARL’s 14K Diamond Pavé Hoop Earrings will save my sanity, while adding extra sparkle to my day. 3. Do you think an LED face mask can get rid of the effects that 2020 has had on my face?

4. Wear a mask, but make it fashion! I do love supporting other female founded brands and I just learned about this one from Jill Zarin (that comes 3 ply). Make it Bravo and make it a business. Yes please! 

5. I may have postponed my travel for a bit, but when I finally get out you can bet that I’ll be marking the moments with charms. This AMANDA PEARL 14K Beaded Round Charm Lock will help assist in my charm gathering future.
What are you looking at to get you through winter? Let us know below!
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