Sometimes things are so overwhelming that I lose my ability to speak on them. šŸ˜¶ This is one of those times. I've lost all eloquence and wisdom in this moment. I'm so sad, ashamed, grief stricken, afraid, sickened and enraged. I'm teetering towards losing hope for humanity, if I'm going to be honest. (A whole other mental health conversation, probably! šŸ¤£) I also feel guilty. I acknowledge my privilege. While I'm all about equal rights, have I been vocally ANTI all-the-things enough? Have I supported and spoken out on the cause, enough? The answer is obviously no. I've been focused on other things that seemed more urgent (environment, etc.) and certainly have NOT been looking to be a troll trap here on social. HOWEVER, we are once again acutely reminded how engrained racism is and how much work there is to do. THIS IS URGENT. People's lives are literally at stake. It is daunting, but there is no choice. This is NOT RIGHT. This is NOT how it should be. We. Must. Make. Change. NOW.Ā  Enough is enough.

Right now, 10% of our sales are going to the fight against COVID-19, but as we near the end of this quarter, I'm clear on what I want our next beneficiary to support. Yeah, yeah, I'm aware that throwing small sums of money at this isn't going to change something so systemic, but it's a start. When I restructured our business to include its supporting a cause, it was meant to also create conversation around the issue at hand. So, we'll start there. Some financial support, sharing awareness, starting conversations, helping others in helping the cause, and hopefully acting as a pebble that gets tossed that creates a ripple. Even if it's just a small one. We're all responsible to act - to do something. This will be my something until I can do more.

Please comment below if you know of organizations doing good work on this front. We'll be starting to research and vet our next beneficiary NOW.




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