Megan's Winter 2022 Wish List



Megan shares what's on her Winter Wish List...!


 1.  Wool Tassel Cap

I love a baseball cap moment and was so excited to find its winter equivalent by Hyein Seo. I am not always a fan of bulky winter hats (I have a small head and tend to drown in them) so I’m loving this practical yet not so chunky vibe.



2. Contrasting Tie-Die Overshirt 


I’ve been living in button ups this winter. As much as I adore the ones I’ve stolen from my dad over the years, I’d love to amp up my collection with this one by FRIED RICE. There are so many options with a piece like this. I see sweater vests on top, it opened with a cute tank underneath, and of course, on the very chilly days, over a turtleneck.


3. Sweater


PUFFY SLEEVES!!!!  I’m obsessed. Puffy sleeves can kick even the most simple sweater up a notch. This plain black one by Bottega Veneta is giving me powerful & confident energy.


4.  Shearling Moto


As you can tell, my winter wishlist is all about staying warm and cozy without having to sacrifice looking good. This coat by The Arrivals checks all the boxes. Plus, the dark green is such a good twist on the classic black leather.


5. Slim Pavé Charm Lock 


It’s hard to find joy in getting dressed when you know you’re going to be under a million layers, hidden by a mask, and venturing outside just to wish you were back home under the covers. However, nothing quite excites me like a piece that can not only stand alone but can make my closet feel new again. This charm lock has me day dreaming about all the ways I can wear it and how many “old” necklaces would be made “new” by locking the beautiful piece on.


6.  Black & Grey Franne Sock Boots  

I’ve never seen anything quite like these sock boots and I’m absolutely loving it. I can see them dressed up & dressed down, all while keeping my legs warm and toasty.


7. Hand Cream 


Glossier has yet to lead me astray. Every winter I’m shocked by how quickly my cute hands turn into cracking, dry, sandpapery mitts. This soothing, moisturizing and conditioning hand cream is said to act like a second skin which sounds super hardcore - just what I need.


8. Multi Check Scarf 


I’m seeing a lot of dark neutrals on my wish list that could be topped off nicely with a splash of color. This Acne Studios scarf is neutral enough that I could wear it all the time while still bringing some element of fun to my outfits.


9. Puffer Tote Bag 


The little tag that says “my mum made it” is so cute and homey and I’m so into the unique shape and texture. Not to mention, how practical and safe it would feel to have all my belongs protected by this puffer material. 


10.  Ripple Ring Bundle


I couldn’t choose just one. And after all… this is a WISH list so of course I’m going to go with all three Ripple Rings. I usually go for gold but something about the winter feels silver to me. The shape of the ripple ring feels warm, light, and approachable and that is what I want out of my jewelry during these cold & concrete NYC winter months.

What's on your wish list this season? Let us know below!

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