What Makes You Feel Strong

Kelly's starting off our new series looking at what makes us feel strong. Whether it's a mantra or a moto jacket, we love knowing what makes you feel empowered and bold to go out and make waves in the world. Let us know in the comments!


KKN:  "I know that we should not associate feeling strong with physical possessions, but I find that they do help facilitate that feeling of strength. In order for me to feel mentally strong, there are physical things that help facilitate that. I need to look good and feel good, in order for my mind to be at peace / feel strong."


COFFEE:  "Let’s be honest, no one feels strong without coffee. If you are not someone that needs caffeine I have a level of jealousy / annoyance with you (ha).  I find that my strength doubles if someone else brings me that cup of coffee while I’m still under the covers!"

Coffee from Hive Brands


A realistic / approachable workout routine: "I know all the talk about working out releasing endorphins, and it is so true. There was a time that I stopped working out and I began to get ragey over little things. The older I get the more acutely aware I am of how my mood is on days that I workout vs days that I don’t. Having at least 3 virtual Barre / HITT classes scheduled for the week keeps me sane. I have found that putting a scenic ride on Peloton while watching Bravo for 30 mins is also a mood booster. This mood booster and sanity saver help me physically and mentally feel strong, so it’s a double pronged benefit." 

This portable barre is amazing



Skincare: "So I have coffee, and a good workout, but it all needs to be combined with good skincare. I guess I’m superficial, because having my skincare game on point has been a confidence booster that makes me feel mentally strong in all aspects of my life. As someone who dealt with acne well into their mid 30s, getting my skincare finally under control has been a game changer. I would tell any woman to seek a Cosmetic Dermatologist. Really good ones will be very conservative with their recommendations, and usually make you feel gorgeous in your own skin. Their goal is not to make you look fake or change the way you look, they want you to feel confident in your naked unadulterated skin. I have listed 2 highly recommended dr’s whose clients / patients are walking billboards radiate skincare."




What makes you feel strong? Let us know below! 



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