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"I love the designs and I love the thought and creativity behind the products.  AMANDA PEARL represents “all the right stuff": concern for the environment, empowering women, sustainability and fair pricing.  Her designs are chic with attitude, she appears to be a bit of a rebel.  I love AMANDA PEARL!"



“I knew immediately that I’d use these colourful clutches for years” 

Financial Times


“AP’s extraordinary aesthetic & style is one thing, but add to that all which the brand represents, and is committed to, creates a unique statement one is proud to wear.”

 Pamela E.


"AP's small ripple stud inspires me to make waves everyday.  It's my staple, a subtle but beautiful, totally unique reminder of power and grace."

— Ani K.


“I love them! I wear them all the time!!  They rock!!”

 Jill Kargman


“I love the simplicity and elegance of everything AMANDA PEARL. The Quad Quill collection is part of my accessories wardrobe. I wear this collection everywhere.

 Lauren N.


“As a whole, the brand is ageless, elegant, and just bold enough to get noticed."

— Seattle Met


“It’s hard to describe why I am so in love with my quill climber earrings- maybe because my middle name means from the sea and the earrings were inspired by a black sea urchin, maybe because the wrap and curve blends so seamlessly it becomes a subtle armoring extension, whatever the case I never pass on them!”

— Julia C.


"I love having a classic ring that is just a little left of center - something that not everyone has.”



"I loved the jewelry designs initially, but meeting the people behind the brand made it so much more meaningful that I get excited to wear and represent AMANDA PEARL every day."



"I like knowing that I purchased something for myself while at the same time supporting female entrepreneur"



“We’re loving these Power Cuff bangles from AMANDA PEARL.”

Accessories Magazine


“AMANDA PEARL – How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….  From my very first AMANDA PEARL Roll Clutch to my most recent AMANDA PEARL Ripple Pendant and everything in between, I am never without the perfect accessory for any occasion. And knowing the kind, mindful, earth & human conscience and dear human that is Amanda makes the wearing of her line that much more a pleasure!  I always get complements and am so happy to have the opportunity to send people to AmandaPearl.com.”

— Gabrielle


"Every morning I put on my quill climber earrings and it never ceases to amaze me how many compliments I get in a day."



"My Quill Bypass ring makes me feel like such a badass. I put it on when I need to feel strong and feminine. And the compliments I get while wearing it are pretty nice too!"

— Samantha B.


“AMANDA PEARL, an accessories label to know.”

— LA Times


“I love my charm even more, knowing it came from an independent, women run business, using sustainable, Earth friendly materials."



“But it was [Gigi Hadid’s] AMANDA PEARL chain-link micro clutch that stole the show.”



"My Quill Spike earrings are the coolest. So much attitude, I can’t get enough of them."

 Alison W.


“I wear my quill ring every day I go to work so that I bring all my power to the table.”



“I love using AMANDA PEARL jewelry when styling. It’s such an amazing mixture of hard and soft. It is elegant and chic on while also being powerfully strong.” 

 Jess Margolis 


“Ummm...I LOVE my package I got today!! Seriously, mouth gaping awesome! I am going to wear it all - at the same time 🙂 The extra inclusion of ideas for how to pair some of the things made me feel like I had a personal shopper. So inspired and makes me feel so confident and fierce!"

— TL


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