Ah, spring… We can finally get out of our sartorial ruts (due to low temperature necessity 🥶) and start shedding some layers. It really does feel like coming alive again - being able to actually “dress” and enjoy dressing oneself - rather than having to just buffer against the cold!  I’m excited to rediscover old favorites in my closet that haven’t seen the light of day in a while, and mix in some AP faves, new and old.


1. Olive Trenchcoat

Spring is the season for layering - especially in NYC where one day can easily bring multiple climates. I’m loving this olive green trench from Proenza Schouler, which would make EVERYTHING look more polished and “fashion”. 


2. Pavé Graffiti 'Love' Charm

I’m pretty obsessed with this new charm in the collection, in case you haven’t been following on Instagram. I’m not typically “that girl” that would wear a ‘love’ charm, but this one is a little graffiti abstract and totally cool, mixed in with your other charms and chains. (It’s available in two sizes too, in the event that you’re feeling it in a big way or maybe a little less so.) 


3. Tie Dye Tissue Tee

Always a layering favorite, especially when in a cool dye, I love this one from Proenza Schouler in cobalt and black. Our gold jewelry (and new lapis pieces!) would look super cool against this tee. 


4. Wide Leg Jeans

It’s been a while now that I haven’t had much tolerance for clingy pants. I'm so happy to finally see some wider leg options! These jeans from MOTHER denim fit the bill (so to speak) and will be a nicely trousery (ok, that might not be an actual word) option that are as easy as jeans but a touch elevated. 


5. Khaki Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylors.  My go-to sneaker since time immemorial. I’m prone to black and white ones, but this khaki pair is a cool and fresh update for spring!


6. Diamond Letter Bangle

Our Diamond Letter Bangle is ultra special, as it was modeled after my very own grandmother Pearl's bracelet. It might be modeled after vintage, but is super modern and a great bangle to include in the stack every day. 


7. Denim Bag

This is the WISH list, so I'm allowed to dream. I'm a denim on denim girl, so the idea of wearing denim on denim on denim makes me smile (and giggle a bit, ha!). Denim is just so easy, and this little denim Caro bag from Dior would go with everything from spring through the whole of summer.


8. Quill Bypass Ring

Our Quill Bypass Ring is such a staple all year long and I will surely be wearing it this spring.


9. Jumpsuit

Who doesn't love a "one-and-done"?  This one from Nili Lotan looks great and crisp in ivory.


10. Curved Quill Climber Earrings

Another seasonless favorite that I will be SURE to be wearing this spring - our Curved Quill Climber Earrings.


11. Chrysocolla and Gold Beaded Necklace

The color on this Chrysocolla necklace is incredible, and looks AMAZING with denim! (Denim on denim on denim on denim for spring!)  ...and is stunning layered with gold.



12. Bronzer (duh)


Dude, don't think I'm not pale as a sheet after that loooonnnng winter indoors. I need all the help I can get, and this soft bronzing powder from Dior is the definition of LUXURY.


13. Leopard Clutch

This clutch is so easy to wear - the twill keeps the shape from feeling too precious, and is a great neutral to give a little somethin' something' to every look - from daytime jeans to evening cocktails.


Check out the full list HERE on Pinterest!

What's on your wish list (real or fantasy) this season? 



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