Amanda's Quarantine Beauty Must-Haves

Like my moods while under quarantine, my beauty rituals are a little all over the place and flip from one end of the spectrum to the other from day to day.  Some days I’m all about clean skin with nothing but serums, other days I need some makeup as a pick-me-up to make me feel a little more normal.  In either case, this is what’s I've been reaching for:

1. One of my first emotional/anxiety purchases when we went on lockdown was an Herbivore face oil.  Ahem, and then another. 🙄 (I don’t know what sort of dust bowl  Armageddon I was waiting for - I think I just wanted to take care of myself in the extreme.  Also, Herbivore products are just so beautiful and “on-brand” - I think I wanted to live in the clean and gorgeous world of gem hued oils!


2. On the days when I’m tired of looking, well, as tired and haggard as I feel, I’ll throw on Charlotte Tilbury’s Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer. It just polishes things up a little bit and makes me look a little better than normal. (It’s quite miraculous, actually. It makes you look like you’ve been on a sunny vacation for a couple days.)

3. My eyes have a tendency to disappear / look half baked unless I have at least a tiny swipe of eyeliner on. My regular eyeliner got discontinued, so I just grabbed this Rock n Kohl Eyeliner Pencil from Charlotte Tilbury and have been pleased with it. It smudges up just “so" and doesn't look overdone. 

4. My lips also have a tendency to disappear with nothing on them (could be that I’m just so used to my typical strong red lip, which I’m not doing while in quarantine), so I’ll put on this color enhancing balm from Arrow just to get a little something without getting “done up”.  It reacts to the pH level of your skin creating a shade that enhances your natural flush.  Bonus: it is super moisturizing and feels great.




4.5.  I also like this one: Nars Afterglow Lip Balm


5. Between the stress of everything and not moving quite as much (probably?!) my sensitive physical vessel is super cranky, achy and tight. Honest to goodness, Daughter of the Land’s CBD bath soak has really been a savior. Email me to purchase the CBD products, and find their other products on  Learn more about the CBD line here:

 6. Kai’s fragrance honestly puts me into a state of bliss, and their reed diffuser MUST therefore contribute to whatever beauty I’ve got going on. I highly recommend ANYTHING from their product line. My other favorites are the candle, and the hand lotion (which, let’s be honest, we all could use in spades right now).


What does your quarantine beauty regimen look like?
Tell us below!

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I love your message and comittment,and how you offer tangible ideas, not simply philosophical ones.
I am intrigued by the face oil! At this point all I can wear is a face mask, so the oil sounds both needed, and like a secret little luxury.

Wendy Howard

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